Check out the summary of the penultimate day of Carnival in Salvador

Salvador’s Carnival is coming to an end, but while Ash Wednesday doesn’t knock on the door, there’s still a lot of news about the revelry. This Monday (20), the carnival began with Carla Perez scolding Saltur after delay of parade in Campo Grande.

Scheduled to parade at 1 pm, the artist entered the avenue late and spared no criticism of Saltur. From above the trio, the dancer criticized the delay in starting the show, and spoke about the disrespect for the children who were in the rain to enjoy the revelry.

Ivete Sangalo took a break from this Monday’s (20th) carnival parade in Salvador to make a appeal for the victims of the rains in São Paulo. Until the last update of this report, the death toll was 40 and the number of homeless people was almost 2,500 on the north coast of the state.

A singer starred in a cute moment with the family on top of the trio. He did a “little train” with his husband, Daniel Cady, and son Marcelo Sangalo. This is Marcelinho’s first carnival as a musician in his mother’s band. The teenager, however, has been part of the team since the first shows in the pandemic.

In addition, the romance atmosphere took over the avenue this Monday (20) of carnival. Ivete Sangalo wasted no time during the passage of the Coruja block on the Dodô circuit, and danced with her husband Daniel Cady. The singer exchanged kisses and showed all the passion on top of the trio. O Ivete’s son also drew attention in the trio and thanked the audience.

To the celebrities also liked the artist’s last visit to carnivall of Salvador and divided between the floor and the privileged view of the trio. Flor Gil, granddaughter of singer Gilberto Gil, is among the names that enjoy the singer’s performance.

Ivete was even invited by the city hall to perform in Campo Grande on Tuesday (21).

Filhos de Gandhy paraded on the Dodô circuit and Gilberto Gil he followed everything up close, from the balcony of Expresso 222. And of course, dressed in full costume.

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