Check transport options to enjoy Carnival in Salvador

One of the greatest difficulties for revelers during Carnival in Salvador is mobility. With the great movement of people and the restructuring of traffic so that the circuits can happen, a lot has changed.

The fourth day of the party has already arrived, but there is still time to find out more details about some options that can be a ‘hand on the wheel’ to enjoy the party. See below for details on the available options:

special line

The special line Lapa x Calabar will also serve revelers. The line has been circulating for free since Thursday (16) and remains until Carnival Tuesday. This is the only line that will have access to Avenida Centenário in the period.

The special line has 72 buses, which circulate 24 hours a day. Buses will leave from Lapa Station, on platform F, located underground.

exclusive corridors

Three exclusive lanes for buses and taxis were created for this year’s Carnival. The exclusive lanes are located on Dique, right after Arena Fonte Nova and up to Estação da Lapa.

On Avenida Centenário, in the section between Praça dos Reis Católicos and the Victoria Center. There are also lanes on Avenida Oceânica, between Praia da Paciência, in Rio Vermelho, and Praça Bahia Sol, in Ondina, in front of the former Colégio Isba.

express savior

The Salvador Express departs from Salvador, Salvador Norte and Paralela shopping malls, and leaves revelers at three points close to Circuito Dodô. The service operates every day until Tuesday (21), from 1 pm to 6 am the following day, with scheduled departures every 20 minutes. Boarding is carried out at a bus stop next to each mall, while disembarkation can be done in Barra or Ondina, according to the line chosen by the user.

The disembarkation points are installed in Barra, the point is located close to the Victoria Center and in Ondina, close to the old Colégio Isba. In the case of Avenida Anita Garibaldi, the point is close to the Ufba Institute of Geosciences.

This year, the ticket costs R$15 each way, while the exclusive Expresso card costs R$7. The card can be used up to 10 times a day, so entire groups can use just one card, without the need for everyone to have their own.

In addition, the ticket can also be purchased virtually, through the KIM application. To do so, simply download the app on your cell phone and, after purchase, a QR Code will be generated to access Expresso.


Elevador Lacerda is open 24 hours a day and offers a free rate until 10 pm on Tuesdays. The Inclinado Liberdade Plan runs until Tuesdays from 7 am to 10 pm, also with a free rate.

Taxis and motorcycle taxis

17 taxi and motorcycle taxi ranks were set up especially for the party. Taxis will be located at the following points: Vale do Canela (Menininha do Gantois Viaduct); Avenida Joana Angélica, close to Colégio Central; Rua Politeama de Cima, in front of the Instituto Feminino da Bahia; inner part of Lapa Station; Barroquinha Terminal, next to the police station; Rua do Tijolo, next to Viaduto da Sé; Avenida Oceânica, in Ondina, close to Rua Senta Pua; Rua Edgar da Mata, in Ondina, perpendicular to Avenida Milton Santos

There are also stops on Avenida Centenário, in Barra, last return/near Rua Airosa Galvão; Praça Cayru, in front of Elevador Lacerda; Rua Gabriel Soares, perpendicular to Ladeira dos Aflitos; Ladeira do Taboão, close to Praça do Pelourinho; Rua Barão de Sergy (Porto da Barra); Avenida Anita Garibaldi, close to Rua Agnelo de Brito; Avenida da França, next to Codeba shed 7; Dique do Tororó, near the south entrance of Arena Fonte Nova.

Mototaxi drivers have eight installed points that are located in the parking lot near the intersection of Politeama de Baixo and Direita da Piedade streets, on the opposite side of the taxi point. There are also points in the following locations: on Av. Oceânica (ISBA), Praça Bahia Sol; Avenida Garibaldi, return pocket near the Clériston Andrade monument; in the access to Campo Grande to Vale do Canela; Avenida Centenário, between Rua Airosa Galvão and Rua Artur Neiva; Praça Cayru, next to Elevador Lacerda; Barroquinha Terminal; and Avenida Joana Angélica, close to Colégio Central.


In the case of cars by application, there are also strategic points for boarding and disembarking passengers. The nine points are especially located on Rua Djalma Ramos, across Avenida Centenário; Avenida Anita Garibaldi, on the access slope to the Federation, close to the old Central Bank; Rua da Paciencia, in Rio Vermelho; Rua do Salete, close to Faculdade Cairu;

There are also stops: on Rua da Graça, from Rua da Florida; Ladeira da Praça, from Rua do Dinheiro; Avenida Faculdade de Administração da UFBA, in Vale do Canela, towards Garibaldi; Avenida Princesa Leopoldina, close to Perini; and Rua Juiz Rosalvo Torres, close to Praça Oscar Hilário.

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