Chef told how to identify cheese with palm oil - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

It became known how to define cheese with palm oil. Chef Andrey Matveev shared this information. “Prime”… Best of all, he says, is price-based.

As Matveyev explained, in inexpensive varieties the chance to stumble upon a “palm tree” is much higher. And expensive cheeses – with mold, camembert, brie, and so on – in 99% of cases are made from milk and are practically not counterfeited.

Also, according to the specialist, it is worth paying attention to the marking. If the product says “cheese product”, then it contains vegetable fats. There are also products with the abbreviation SZMZH – products with milk fat substitutes. But real cheese belongs only to the BZMZh category – products without milk fat substitutes.

But visually, tactilely and by taste it is almost impossible to detect palm oil in cheese, since manufacturers have learned how to reliably hide it behind food additives.

As Matveev said, cheese with additives can also break when sliced. And if you leave it on the table, then instead of drying out, drops of oil will appear on it. However, these signs are still not indicative of palm oil – this is possible even if the production technology is violated.

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