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In an interview with the TV Insider, the original stars of Chicago Fire, David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte all commented on the series’ legacy and sensation after nearly 200 episodes released, marking an important milestone for the cast and production.

According to the showrunner of Chicago Fire, Derek Haas, episode 200, set to be the fifth chapter of season 10, will feature the return of several characters from the initial seasons. The suggestion also indicates that the reappearances will be one of the most rewarding of the series and that they will have interconnected plots to live up to the story built so far.

(Source: NBC / Reproduction)Source: NBC

“Derek Haas is aware of the [fato] that the 200th episode should be significant as a kind of landmark episode,” Stolte predicted. “There are small payoffs, most of which I can’t give examples of, because most of them are around something I can’t talk about yet. But I think if you’re a longtime viewer of the show, you’ll notice some details that will touch it.”

Emotion for characters

One of the highlights of episode 200 will be the drama lived by Cruz, a character played by Minoso, who will continue to suffer the consequences of the death of Otis (Yuri Sardarov). Followed by the iconic motto “we’ll be there when you need us”, the Third Squad firefighter and other heroes will be filled with emotions and inspiring moments, pushing the “story in a really amazing way.”

“Our first day of training for this show was together, and we were the only two because we were the last two of the cast,” said Minoso. “And then, eight years later, having to leave a man who stood up in my marriage because he means so much to me was really, really hard, but it was a great opportunity, as an artist, to be able to dive into something like that and still be diving into it. It still manifests itself in many different ways, some of which you’ll experience in episode 200.”

(Source: NBC / Reproduction)(Source: NBC / Reproduction)Source: NBC

For Eigenberg, the end of season 1, with the birth of Herrmann’s wife, was the most emotional moment of the series, while Stolte cites the participation of his daughters as the most memorable scenes, mainly because they are involved with characters in catastrophic events, such as a residential fire.

episode 200 of Chicago Fire is set to be released on October 20th.

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