Child vaccine: when it comes and what children are vaccinated now

The so-called Tris buffer is used in the children’s vaccine. He ensures that the vaccine has a longer shelf life than before. However, the buffer solution does not change the way the vaccine works or its effectiveness against the virus. This was also confirmed by the manufacturer Pfizer, according to which the Tris buffer is a commonly used solvent in order to be able to keep the pH value precisely. This is necessary for the contained mRNA formulation – it is sensitive to changes in the pH value.

Easier storage

Choosing the other buffer solution also makes it easier to store the vaccine. The adult vaccine with the Pbs buffer solution, also a frequently used solution, must be stored at minus 80 degrees Celsius. It can be stored at minus 20 degrees up to two weeks before use. The children’s vaccine with the other buffer solution, on the other hand, can be stored at a refrigerator temperature of two to eight degrees Celsius – up to ten weeks before it is used.

Another difference is the amount of vaccine. So far, 0.1 milliliters of five to eleven year olds have been vaccinated – that is a third of the amount that adults get. The child vaccine will contain 0.2 milliliters. According to Zwiauer, this will then be easier for the doctor to pull up with the syringe than before, as it will be easier to dose. “Drawing up 0.1 milliliters of the adult dose is a bit more complex, but can of course also be done well with the right syringes.” But with 0.2 milliliters it becomes easier.

When the vaccine comes

Virologist Monika Redlberger-Fritz assumes that the child vaccination from Biontech / Pfizer will soon be available. “An extra children’s formulation is permitted, but it has to be produced first and will come a little later, “said the expert in the ORF broadcast Stöckl live.

When asked by KURIER, the Ministry of Health said: “A recommendation from the EMA regarding the first own children’s vaccines is expected today (Thursday note). These would then be available across the EU towards the end of 2021, including in Austria. ”The NIG will then immediately advise on this and work out a recommendation for both methods. This can be expected in the next few days. According to Zwiauer, who is also a member of the NIG, nothing speaks against the continued use of the adult vaccine.

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