Childhood, Poverty, Complexes ... and Barrier Gestures!

Invited from Seven to Eight, the actor spoke of his anxieties, his mother, his galleys and … a physical particularity!

Daily, Dany Boon is hypocondriaque. Anxieties about health and microbes that he endures every day thanks to laughter … The comic has already staged all his anxiety in the film Superchondriac, released in 2014. But faced with the coronavirus debuted in 2020, the actor was delivered to the ultimate degree of his turmoil. Especially since he has himself caught the Covid-19! Asked in the portrait of the week of Seven to Eight this October 10, the 55-year-old comedian confessed that he had “a little freaked out“and that he had not hesitated to get an oximeter, to measure the oxygen saturation …. Enough to give him ideas for his new feature film entitled 8, rue de L’Humanité, available from October 20 on the Netflix platform.

Dany Boon: his funny barrier gestures

Once again, Dany Boon puts himself in the shoes of a man a little worried about bacteria, especially when the health crisis breaks out and new neighbors arrive! A scenario echoing the comedian’s own experience with the Ch’ti accent, who developed a few quirks during confinement last year. I was taking everyone’s temperature, I had a gun there, a thermometer. I had to change the battery about every three days, he told on TF1, before adding: “after a moment, it annoyed my relatives a little, so I removed the little beep that there was. (…) So I took at night, when people were sleeping. It’s also true, it’s horrible! I am ashamed!“. Dany Boon obviously applied the barrier gestures to the letter, a “left the groceries out” and considerably increase its consumption of hydroalcoholic gel, even if it means dangerously abusing it. “I was disinfecting my face with it, which is completely stupid. Which is not a good idea … It burns after a while “, the sympathetic filmmaker said with humor.

Dany Boon confides in his mother’s suffering

Dany Boon also mentioned a more sensitive subject, that of his childhood in the North of France.
When she was only 17, her mother fell pregnant with a Kabyle man twenty years her senior. Her family did not accept this pregnancy and simply rejected the young girl … “For her, it was very difficult to live with this rejection. I have memories which are scenes from movies where we went to my uncle’s wedding. We were in the parking lot across the street, we were dressed in our Sunday best and my mother was crying. She saw her brother getting married and was not allowed to cross the street, assured the actor. Faced with the distress of his mother, the comic then tried to give him back the smile thanks to a single remedy: “Seeing my mother in pain, I said to myself ‘I have to make her laugh’ to make her feel better“.

Dany Boon, poor did “the sleeve”

Coming from a modest family, Dany Boon worked hard to become the man he is today. Sure of his ambitions and his career plan, he nevertheless lived without a penny in his pocket when he was a student. “I was very poor. I was not unhappy or envious of people who were rich. I made the round, my mother was a cleaning lady and my father was a truck driver. It was complicated for them to pay my room. I paid part of my studies by doing mime automaton, performing in the street, playing the guitar. I was giving myself a chance to get there “, remembered Mehdi’s father, Noah, Eytan, Elia and Sarah.

Dany Boon: his physical flaw

By dint of perseverance, his facial expressions, his speaking and his accent finally got the better of his poverty. Became famous, the director of Welcome to the Ch’tis conquered the hearts of the French with his endearing humor. “Laughter was a remedy for everything (…) it’s attractive to make people laugh. As I had a particular physique, he launched in 7 to 8, by referring to the criticisms received on his appearance. A part of his body has also been the subject of reflection on the part of his own mother: “It was also my mother who told me ‘You are beautiful. You are so beautiful, but then your ears … You are beautiful in three-quarters or in profile. I missed something, your ears“Anyway, Dany Boon has in any case succeeded in his bet: that of making people laugh.

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