Pfizer vaccines for children arrived this afternoon in Campo Grande (Photo: Adriel Mattos)

Loading with 18,300 doses of Pfizer immunizer arrived today at Capital International Airport

Pfizer vaccines for children arrived this afternoon in Campo Grande (Photo: Adriel Mattos)

A shipment of 18,300 doses of childhood vaccines, from Pfizer, arrived recently in Campo Grande, which will be distributed to the municipalities of Mato Grosso do Sul. Initially, the load should have arrived at the end of the morning, but there was a change in the Ministry of Health plans.

The immunizers arrived on a Latam flight, at 5:15 pm, from Guarulhos International Airport (SP). The cargo was taken in a van from the SES (State Department of Health) to the CEVE (State Coordination of Epidemiological Surveillance) of the SES (State Department of Health). From there, they will be separated and distributed to representatives of each prefecture, which has already started in the late afternoon.

In Campo Grande, the official launch of the children’s immunization campaign will be at UBSF (Basic Family Health Unit) São Benedito, on Rua do Seminary, at 8:30 am. The complete calendar, with all vaccination sites will be released today by Sesau (Municipal Health Department) and, according to a spokesperson, in the other units, the campaign will begin at 10 am.

Cargo will be taken to the State Government's Epidemiological Surveillance Coordination (Photo: Paulo Francis)
Cargo will be taken to the State Government’s Epidemiological Surveillance Coordination (Photo: Paulo Francis)

In Campo Grande, 4,310 doses of the vaccine will be destined for children aged 5 to 11 years. The total of 18,300 meets only 3% of the state’s demand, since there is an estimated public of 300,000 children in the expected age group for immunization.

Vaccination in Mato Grosso do Sul takes into account the decision of Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), of December 16, 2021, which allows the immunization of this public, in addition to positions by Conass (National Council of Health Secretaries) and the Technical Advisory Board on Immunizations of Covid-19.

It is worth mentioning that children must be accompanied by their parents or have a written consent form.

Children with comorbidities, indigenous and quilombola, and who live in a home with people at high risk for cases of covid-19 will be prioritized, before the adoption of vaccination by age, which should start between 10 and 11 years old and reduce the age group. little by little, according to the demand and supply of vaccine by the public network.

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