Chile: Carabineros denounced for a death during the repression of the indigenous march |  The official version is that he died from the impact of "fireworks"

A member of the Popular Defender of Chile died this Sunday during the “Indigenous Resistance March” held in the Chilean capital. Denisse Cortés Saavedra, 43, was injured when she tried to mediate with the Carabineros to stop the outstanding repression against representatives of the Mapuche people. The Carabineros version maintains that it was hit by “fireworks” that started from the column of protesters, although the mother of the young woman disavowed those sayings pending the progress of the judicial investigation.

“They were saying that it might have been a firework, they were saying that to everyone and nobody believed it. She had a lung wound and it took her entire left side. Even when? They walk around laughing at us “, Denisse’s mother pointed out last night in dialogue with Telesur.

The law student at the University Academy of Christian Humanism was injured when the march reached the Plaza Baquedano -symbol of the mobilizations of 2019- and she tried to mediate to stop the repressive operation, which ended with ten detainees and 23 people injured, one of them seriously.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Avenida Portugal with Alameda, there Denisse was assisted by the protesters themselves and then transferred to the former Posta Central hospital, where she died. Carabineros quickly spread the version in which the protesters are blamed for throwing “fireworks” against the security personnel and a video in which Denisse is seen approaching a group of uniformed men with another colleague and then as she falls to the ground in the midst of rumblings. In another video, broadcast by the networks, a person is seen firing a shot from a corner.

“Denisse tried to parley with the repressive force and at that moment she receives the wound. In this context of police brutality, Denise’s death occurs. We are dismayed, the peñi and lamien made a commitment with the family to accompany the entire process. We want to convey not our grief but our outrage. It is terrible that our people continue to put the dead, this is the real Chile, it is what happens permanently in the Wallmapu, “lamented Rodrigo Román, a lawyer for the People’s Defense to Telesur.

After the episode, The North Central Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the events accompanied by the Investigative Brigade Against Human Rights and Persons who will carry out the inquiries. The first testimonies were taken from doctors, witnesses and protesters.

The reaction of the Government and the presidential candidates

For its part, the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, came out to maintain the official version and he regretted that “in a demonstration that should have been peaceful, violence was imposed against the officers and against a civilian who was in dialogue with the Carabineros and who was killed.”

The death of the member of the Popular Defender’s Office generated the reaction of the candidates who seek to reach the presidency in the November elections and marked the positions against the demands of the Mapuche People for their autonomy.

The leftist candidate for Frente Amplio, Gabriel Boric, demanded that “the individual and institutional responsibilities involved be thoroughly investigated.”, while the candidate for the New Social Pact center-left alliance, Yasna Campillay, asked that “the Prosecutor’s Office and the PDI act as quickly as possible to know the events and clarify what happened.”

For its part, the candidate of the ruling party Chile Podemos Más, Sebastián Sichel, sent his message of solidarity to the family, but added another in which he shared the video of the moment in which the rumblings occur and pointed out: “Let the violent ones not beat us, it deserves a public and criminal condemnation for this crime.” In the same vein, the candidate for the Republican Party, José Antonio Kast, requested that “the person who attacked the Carabineros and caused serious injuries that caused his death be quickly identified. Enough of the violence!”

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