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Check if you must vote compulsory or voluntarily in the 2021 Elections tomorrow Sunday.

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The last hours before the Presidential Elections 2021 to be held throughout the Chilean territory, during the day tomorrow Sunday, November 21.

In this electoral process thousands of Chilean citizens will have to vote for the President of the Republic, Senators, Deputies and Regional Councilors (CORE).

Several weeks ago the Electoral Service (SERVEL) has all the information available on its web platform about the candidates who are nominating, polling places, tables that each person is responsible for casting their vote and whether they are table members or not.

On this occasion, we will tell you whether or not it is mandatory for people to vote tomorrow, Sunday 21.

Is it mandatory to vote on Sunday, November 21?

Currently the act of voting in Chile is governed under Article 15 of the Political Constitution of the Republic, which establishes that voting is completely voluntary.

Remember that to exercise your right to vote during the Elections 2021, you must count on your identity card or passport, even if the documents are expired as of October 2019.

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