Investments have been weak in the sector in the mining sector, one of the engines of growth in Chile

Between extremes, Chile goes to the polls tomorrow. There are seven candidates and, according to the polls, the representatives of the ultra left and right are favorites.

With Gabriel Boric, the extreme left captains an electoral front assembled with the help of the Communist Party.

Dispute with José Antonio Kast, leader of the far right that has rallied around the Republican Party.

Kast, an admirer of Jair Bolsonaro, has been advancing in voting intentions for several weeks consistently.

There are those who bet on surprise, with the rise of a moderate. It’s not impossible, but unlikely, polls indicate.

The problem with the favorites, Boric and Kast, is that they have pushed extremism almost to the limit in the campaign. And everything indicates that, winning, any one of them will have great difficulty to govern. The crisis is already visible on the Chilean post-electoral horizon.

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