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The two-time champion of America and the second historical scorer of the Red is on his birthday, so the highest entity of European football did not forget his time on the Old Continent and greeted him with the wonderful performance of Vargas with Napoli in the Europa League.

Celebrate Turboman!  UEFA greets Vargas with his brightest night
© Getty ImagesCelebrate Turboman! UEFA greets Vargas with his brightest night

The tragic defeat of the Chilean team in view of Ecuador in Santiago it has already been forgotten and those led by Martin Lasarte they prepare in their respective clubs. One of those who celebrates during this day is Eduardo Vargas placeholder image, who turns one more year of life.

The national striker and current player of Atletico Mineiro he gets ready for the next duels of his team in the Brazilian tournament and the following double date with the Red. But, he also lives a very special day, since he turns 32 years old.

That is why the Two-time champion of America and top gunner of the Centennial Cup 2016, is already beginning to receive the first greetings and this morning the UEFA He did not forget the steps of the attacker in the Old Continent and surprised with a wonderful moment of the Chilean in Italian lands.

The highest entity of European football shared through its Twitter account in Spanish, the splendid hat-trick that scored Chile’s second all-time goalscorer in the victoria 4-0 de Napoli ante AIK Solna by Europa League.

The governing body of football in Europe began his greeting with two cake emojis on each side of his name, and then closed with congratulations: “Eduardo Vargas. A Chilean (national flag) with a lot of goal. Congratulations!”.

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