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The Radio ADN journalist came out in defense of Ben Brereton for the latest statements that came out about the Red forward. Guarello even threw Lasarte’s ears.

Guarello meets critics of Ben Brereton.

Chilean National Team

© UNO Agency and Radio ADNGuarello meets critics of Ben Brereton.

Juan Cristóbal Guarello joined the debate on the real contribution of Ben Brereton Díaz in the Chilean team. The English-Chilean of the Blackburn Rovers records comes from opening the scoring against Paraguay in the momentous victory of the Red, but Rafael Olarra considered that the forward brings more attitude than football tools.

This Wednesday it was Martín Lasarte who responded to Olarra’s noisy statements and defended the attacker. For Juan Cristóbal Guarello, the coach of La Roja still needs to be squared with Brereton and joined the defense of the contribution of the Englishman.

“There is one thing that must be specified well: media phenomena, beyond football, tend to distort what the contribution on the field really is. But at this moment in the Chilean national team, Brereton’s contribution is very big for what there is “Guarello said on Radio ADN.

The journalist adds: “Then start saying what our nine should be… no. There is not others equal. The 9 of similar characteristics that you put did not yield. There are 10 best nine in the last years of Chilean football, it is more Zamorano, it is more Salas, Chupete Suazo. I do not know if Reinaldo Navia in his best moment is less, but Brereton is a player who is growing and is a great contribution. We must not go crazy because the moment of the selection is complicated and it is still far (from the World Cup) ”.

“But I would also like Lasarte, who is good to protect him, but a little more affection…. Brereton does not speak Spanish, he does not care what Lasarte says in a conference and they can translate a little for him and he even gets bored, but also a little affection “, complemented the prominent communicator.

Guarello declared that “the Chilean bank has acted suspiciously about Brereton. That you have to take it, wait for it, but it continues in that tone. When Chile played badly, Ben also played badly. If it’s not Pele. But I would like a little more convincing and if it gave you a good performance of 9 put it there. He is going to run against the band and he is going to ask you, but he loses ”.

The Chilean team faces Venezuela this Thursday from 9:00 p.m. at the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium for the 12th date of the qualifying rounds to Qatar 2022, this time forced to win due to the mental impulse that meant the victory against Paraguay.

Remember that in October you will be able to see the triple date of the South American Qualifiers, live and direct, full HD and free on Redgol (except for Argentina’s duels with Uruguay and Peru). You only have to enter from a device connected to the fixed internet or wifi, in national territory, to enjoy the best image and sound.

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