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The prominent journalist Danilo Díaz pointed out the action of the ANFP in the Melipilla Case, which determined the descent of the Foals by subtracting points and left Huachipato in the lead in the dispute over the promotion finals, while ignoring the complaint about University of Chile.

Huachipato has a new life to fight for permanence in the First Division, while Universidad de Chile rests in peace
© Agency OneHuachipato has a new life to fight for permanence in the First Division, while Universidad de Chile rests in peace

The Melipilla Case established its final sentence this week. The Disciplinary Court of the ANFP determined the descent of the Colts to First B due to the discount of six points in the last championship, as a result of the accreditation of administrative irregularities.

However, the journalist Danilo Díaz reveals a singular ingredient in the performance of the ANFP in this matter, specifically in the decision to postpone the dispute of the promotion finals that initially contemplated Deportes Copiapó vs. Curicó Unido.

In his traditional column in El Mercurio, the man from Antofagasta warns that the association’s president, Pablo Milad, “was threatened with the punishment of hell and (…) chose to postpone the postseason dispute.”

With this move, Milad allowed the points deducted from Melipilla to correspond to the 2021 season and not to the 2022, thanks to the fact that the bases establish that the subtraction must be made in the current championship and due to the postponement, this “did not conclude”.

“This is how Huachipato was saved, which after a lousy sports driving, received a new life,” Díaz deepens. The steel players will now play the league against Copiapó, which does not have a coach and has lost part of its squad, instead of suffering direct relegation.

“Because of the above, nobody believes that the ANFP’s decision sought to protect the outcome of the promotion. Simply, with the background information on the table, the steelmakers were protected,” the communicator said.

And what happened to the University of Chile

The singularity that Danilo Díaz points out has to do with the University of Chile and the complaint that Melipilla filed before the Court for double contracts, in the case of former blue defender Ramón Arias. Although the accusation is not resolved, there was no suspension of anything.

“It is striking that the ANFP table gave the green light for the resumption prior to the ruling of Melipilla’s complaint against the University of Chile. If there were consistency, the tournament would have to wait for the legal course of that action,” complements the journalist.

A good story that speaks of the discretion in the key decisions of Chilean football, which in the Melipilla case ended up harming the Colts and Copiapó in favor of Huachipato and Curicó Unido.

For its part, Universidad de Chile rests in the peace of mind that, apparently, the ANFP does not consider the facts denounced against the blue square to be serious, to the point that everything can continue as if nothing had happened.

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