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Chilean national team

The most successful Chilean coach in history recognizes his desire for the Chilean team to qualify for the next World Cup in Qatar 2022, but warns that the necessary foundations for the development of Chilean football are not laid. It also explains the conditions that your expected landing on the Red must have.

Manuel Pellegrini has been abroad for more than twenty years and is the most sought-after Chilean coach in history

Chilean National Team

© Getty ImagesManuel Pellegrini has been abroad for more than twenty years and is the most sought-after Chilean coach in history

The most successful coach in the history of Chilean football, Manuel Pellegrini, harshly criticized the current situation of professional activity in the country, although he expressed his wish that the national team qualify for the next World Cup in Qatar 2022.

In conversation with TyC Sports, the Engineer assured that “in Chile the way has been lost”, that “there is no generation of replacement in the Chilean team“and the Golden Generation” continues to give everything, but the development of Chilean football has not been up to the task. “

Hard concepts from the strategist of Betis of Spain. “I think it is very important to get to the World Cup as a consequence of the improvement of football in the country, and not from a specific event, that they win some games,” reflected the national strategist.

“Chile has lost its way a bit in this. There is no generation of replacement, These players are giving everything they have been capable of in the past and they still have a validityBut the development of Chilean football is not up to the task to have ensured a first leg to the World Cup, “he said.

“Hopefully it will be achieved, because it is very important, but I think it is a wake-up call to recent years, because of how Chilean football has been directed,” said the 68-year-old coach.

Will Pellegrini lead the Chilean team?

The issue about the possibility of directing the Chilean team came to the fore, and Manuel Pellegrini answered very clearly. You do have the desire, but under certain conditions. And he turned down the chance to do it three years ago, when Reinaldo Rueda finally arrived.

“I have always said that I hope in some future to have the possibility of directing the Chilean national team. The selection work is administrative, watching a lot of video and directing the players when they come from Europe. The field work is very little and I like it. a lot, “he explained.

In that sense, the Engineer recalled the option in the Red that he rejected at the end of 2017. “It did not happen because he had a current contract in England, when a great friend of mine who is Arturo Salah, who we studied together for technicians, was president of the ANFP. I couldn’t go with him at that time, “recalled the Betis strategist.

In any case, the coach clarified that “if in some future I could give all my experience to direct all Chilean football, from a more global aspect and not only the Chilean team, and there is a directive that agrees along the way; to go to Chile and finish my career there. “

But the occasion will have to wait. “This is not the time, because there is a coach and I would not break a contract, because I have had the opportunity to go to other economically better clubs, but I always try to fulfill it,” said Pellegrini.

“My priority is the work of the clubs and it will be as long as I have a category and quality club that motivates me. I do not put the clubs above the country, but it is the work that motivates me every day,” acknowledged the former coach Manchester City, Real Madrid and River Plate.

“I know that in the national team it is a different job, but I would like to take a global plan of Chilean football and for that I am not going to put my head on the guillotine. There should be a directive with which we agree in the way of working “, full.

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