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Perhaps for the first time, Manuel Pellegrini refers specifically to the contribution of the three most sought-after Chilean footballers in Europe in the unprecedented achievements of the Chilean team in the last decade. “That generation got together to give a Chilean team a lack of titles”, sums up the Engineer.

Manuel Pellegrini is the most important Chilean coach in history and expressed his appreciation for the contribution of the Golden Generation to the Chilean team

Chilean National Team

© Getty Images and Agencia UnoManuel Pellegrini is the most important Chilean coach in history and expressed his appreciation for the contribution of the Golden Generation to the Chilean team

When they ask him his preference between Messi and Cristiano, Manuel Pellegrini is cautious. “It is very difficult for me to say who is the best of the decade,” he said today in a dialogue with TyC Sports. But when it comes to talking about the Chilean team, the Engineer has a clear judgment.

Very frankly, the best coach in history singled out the three players who marked the Generación Dorada de la Roja, and gives them the greatest merit in obtaining international titles that Chile had never won.

“Few players like Arturo vidal, who was champion in all the clubs in Europe, in Juve, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Inter; Alexis Sanchez the same with Barcelona, ​​Arsenal and Inter and of course Claudio Bravo“, sentenced Pellegrini.

The Engineer spoke like few times of the value of the Red players. And he acknowledged that “Chile has been fortunate to have a generation of first-rate footballers, with important careers in European clubs and high-level performance in the national team.”

The Real Betis coach explained how important it was to have transferred that winning gene from the clubs to the Chilean national team. “They are players who have had very long careers and have been starters in the most important teams in Europe,” he remarked.

“That generation came together to give category to a Chilean team that, although historically has played well, I think they lacked titles to take a step forward. I think this generation of players achieved it,” was the recognition of Pellegrini.

The Engineer wants the Rojas in Qatar 2022, but not in this way. “I think it is very important to get to the World Cup as a consequence of the improvement of football in the country and not of a specific event, that some games were won,” he summarized.

For this reason, he believes that “Chile has lost the way a bit. There is no generation of replacement and these players are giving everything they have been capable of in the past and that they still have a validity.”

The message is clear: “The development of Chilean football has not been up to the task to have ensured a first leg to the World Cup. Hopefully it will be achieved, because it is very important, but I think it is a wake-up call to the way in which it has been directed. Chile in recent years “.

Pellegrini: “We are quite complicated to reach a World Cup”

But Manuel Pellegrini does not hear sirens singing and regrets the present of a Chilean team that needs five wins in seven games to have a chance to qualify for the Qatar World Cup 2022. Almost a mathematical miracle, which the Engineer saw coming.

“Unfortunately at this moment we are quite complicated to reach a World Cup, because there was no continuity in the work that Reinaldo Rueda started and once the tie started, he turned himself in to another coach (Martín Lasarte),” said the DT.

“I clarify that I am not criticizing or praising the work of one or the other. But I think that after two years of work, he should have had the conviction and have continued with a technician who already knew the system, who was forming the most important thing, that was left behind: a generation of new players that at some point could replace this great generation that Chile has had, “said the Betis coach.

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