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New York, September 24, 2021Updated on 09/24/2021 06:38 pm

The chief financial officer of the Chinese technology giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, reached an agreement with a US court today recognizing a large part of the accusations of bank fraud and in return halting her extradition to the United States.

NS, daughter of the founder of Huawei and detained in Canada since 2018 at the request of the United States Government, she appeared before a federal court in Brooklyn (New York), before which “Took responsibility for his lead role in designing a scheme to defraud a global financial institution”US Attorney Nicole Boeckmann said today in a statement from the Ministry of Justice.

A large part of these fraudulent activities – says the prosecutor – had the purpose of protecting the businesses of Huawei in Iran, “In a concerted effort to mislead global financial institutions, the US government and the public” about the company’s activities in Iran, a country with which EE.UU. has decreed a ban on trading.

In his confession today, Meng admitted that “Did not tell the truth about the operations of Huawei in Iran ” and continued to do business with the Islamic Republic “In violation of US law.”

The network set up by Meng began in 2007, mainly through a subsidiary called Skycom, and allowed them to carry out transactions worth 100 million dollars that they later processed in USA, much of them to support its structure in Iran “In violation of American law”, details the Prosecutor’s Office.

In the settlement reached today, Meng confirmed the veracity of four pages of allegations showing that he gave false testimony to an unnamed financial institution, and further agreed not to commit other state or federal crimes again.

In case of breaking the agreements “You will expose yourself to prosecution on all charges.”, although it is considered that with today’s court ruling and the end of his extradition process, he has a free hand to return to China.

Source: EFE


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