China prepares “peace initiative” for Ukraine | war in ukraine

China defended, this Saturday, its role in the war in Ukraine, with the head of diplomacy, Wang Yi, saying that his country “did not stand still or throw fuel into the fire”, cites the Reuters agency.

The official also announced, this Saturday, at the Munich Security Conference, that Beijing may launch a peace initiative in Ukraine.

“I suggest everyone start thinking calmly, especially friends in Europe, about what kind of efforts we can make to stop this war,” Wang said.

The official also declared that “there are some forces that apparently do not want the negotiations to succeed, or for the war to end quickly”, he added, without naming who he was referring to.

China has been criticized by the United States for supporting Russia by agreeing a special partnership with Moscow.

The vice-president of the United States, Kamala Harris, at the same conference in Munich, where several world leaders are present, stated that the United States considers it “worrisome that China has deepened the relationship with Russia since the beginning of the war”, cites to Reuters.

Xi’s speech

The day before, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Antonio Tajani, declared that after a meeting with Wang, in Rome, he was told that Chinese President Xi Jinping would make a “peace speech” on the anniversary of the invasion by Russia. , from Ukraine.

China has generally called for peace and the defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the meeting, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmitro Kuleba, commented on the Chinese proposal saying that it is in Ukraine’s interest that China has a role in the search for a solution for peace, cites the news agency. German DPA. The end of February had already been indicated by Kuleba as a favorable date for a peace summit.

The Ukrainian minister said that he will also have a bilateral meeting with Wang Yi before the departure of the Chinese official from Munich. But he also made it clear that Kiev rejects losing territory. “It is not possible to compromise on one square meter of territory,” he declared.

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