The new device can create the illusion of gravity.  But testing it is not exactly pleasant

Chinese scientists are working on a device that can simulate gravity on the surface of our natural satellite. The diary pointed this out South China Morning Post.

Specifically, it will be a vacuum chamber using a strong magnetic field to create a low-gravity environment. It should come as no surprise that it is referred to as the “artificial moon.”

According to available information, the construction will take several months. Geotechnical engineer Li Ruilin of China University of Mining and Technology said that once the chamber is completed and up and running, “gravity will disappear for as long as you want.”

Moon with a diameter of 60 cm

The only catch is that this artificial moon will be really small – its diameter should be only 60 centimeters. This means that astronauts in spacesuits will certainly not fit in it.

However, researchers will be able to test selected equipment and tools, which will allow them to eliminate any problems before they actually land on the moon.

“Some impact test experiments only require a few seconds in the simulator. But others can take days, ” he noted in this context Li.

Cover illustration photo: hharryus, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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