China's young generation does not want to get married

Many young people in China’s cities have doubts about marriage. The reluctance of women is even stronger than that of men, according to a survey by the Communist Youth League.

Around 44 percent of the women surveyed stated that they did not want to get married or that they were unsure whether they would like to tie the knot. In the case of men, it was just under 25 percent. A total of 2,905 women and men between the ages of 18 and 26 were interviewed in cities.

“In recent years, more and more young people have been outside the wedding halls,” said the survey report. “The postponement of the wedding age and the reluctance of young people to marry have become a hidden concern of society as a whole.”

Births down 18 percent in 2020

Despite a relaxation of its strict family planning policy, the most populous country on earth is now suffering from a massive decline in the birth rate. Last year, the number of births fell by 18 percent to twelve million. The aging population is growing: fewer and fewer working people have to look after more and more old people.

Prices increased enormously

In the survey, 46 percent of respondents said the cost of a wedding was too high. 56 percent also said that giving births and raising children in China are too expensive. The prices for apartments and schools in Chinese cities have risen rapidly.

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