Christian reveals that he is not Renato and Barbara has an unexpected reaction

In a place in the sun, Christian (Cauã Reymond) will reveal to Barbarian (Alinne Moraes) who is not Renato. The shrew will be shocked by what she hears from her husband, but will believe he is delusional.

The faker will decide to deliver the truth to Barbara. “My name is not Renato”, he will assert. Santiago’s daughter (José de Abreu) ​​will be scared of him, who will be hospitalized, and will call the nurses to give him medication.

Farce about Renato by a thread

In Globo’s 9pm plot, Christian will get into a fight. He will see Inácia (Yara de Novaes) with Ravi’s son (Juan Paiva) suffering threats from Valdir (Roberto Alencar) and will intervene. The man will be armed with a knife and will hit him during the dispute.

The usurper will be seriously injured and taken to hospital in serious condition. Bárbara and Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) will be desperate to learn that he is on the verge of death.

After spending days in a coma, Christian will wake up and begin to recover. As soon as the doctor authorizes visits, the bitch will visit her husband. Regretting everything she’s done, she’ll come out and make an apology for her attempt to keep the marriage going at all costs.

“Maybe all this happened as a sign, for me to realize how much harm trying to hurt you hurts me too. That stab hit my heart. And so I beg you: forget what I said. It was jealousy, pain, despair, Barbara will argue.

Christian reveals himself in A Place in the Sun

After the woman’s speech, Christian will speak out. “I was the one who should have died”, he will assert. “Don’t say that, not even in jest. Nobody died, the child is fine, thanks to you.”, Rebeca’s sister (Andrea Beltrão) will speak, without understanding.

“It was a hit by Renato with me”, will say or faker. “What do you mean, Renato? You are confused”, Barbara will comment. “I’ve never been so lucid. And my name is not Renato, will reveal him, leaving his wife scared.

The bitch will soon call the nurses, who will give Christian a tranquilizer to sleep. “Not impressed. This oscillation of consciousness at this moment is normal. So is the hustle, the urge to try to get out.”, will explain a professional.

“It’s just that he looked at me in a way that… I don’t know, it looked like he was conscious”, Barbara will comment in Um Lugar ao Sol. She, however, will be reassured by the nurse, who will say that she has seen similar situations happen. The villain will be intrigued, but will end up swallowing the version that it was a delusion.

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