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The sale of the traditional English club Newcastle United to a Saudi Arabian state fund stunned Christian Streich from SC Freiburg. He makes a clear demand on the Bundesliga.

Munich / Freiburg – It is perhaps THE polarizing topic in international football right now: The English Premier League has sold the traditional club Newcastle United to a consortium approved. 80 percent of the club shares go to a state fund in Saudi Arabia, the Public Investment Fund (PIF). The remaining 20 percent are split between PCP Capital Partners and RB Sports & Media.

Alleged sales price for the northern English football club: rumored 350 million euros. Striking: Numerous Newcastle fans celebrated the Saudi Arabian takeover exuberantly in front of the stadium, St. James’ Park. Videos circulating on the internet show the celebration.

Newcastle United sold to Saudi Arabia’s state fund – Premier League club hit the headlines

The supporters are apparently hoping for multi-million dollar investments to strengthen the club, which has been stumbling for years. Newcastle is currently playing against relegation after not having won a single game in the first seven days of the Premier League. Club legends Alan Shearer (“we can hope again”) and Michael Owen (“game changer for the club”) were also enthusiastic on social media.

But: The sale also caused a lot of criticism internationally – above all from human rights organizations. Amnesty International suspects, for example, the “attempt by the Saudi authorities to cover up their catastrophic human rights record with the help of the glitz of the Premier League”. Really shocked one reacted now Bundesliga coach, namely Christian Streich from SC Freiburg. The man from southern Baden gave a downright incendiary speech at a press conference of the club.

Newcastle United: Bundesliga coach Christian Streich from SC Freiburg is stunned

“I think there are quite a few people who in the meantime have certain problems with such machinations, as is now the case in Newcastle, for example. I think when people read what is happening right now and that is still legitimized by the official website through the English Football Association or the Premier League … I have to say that if people have a problem with that , I can count myself among these people, ”said Streich, visibly emotionalized at the PK.

Streich continued: “There things happen, things in football over and over again, that have exceeded all limits. Now in this case – that is unbelievable. Who is there, in this consortium. And because over money wields power that Newcastle comes to. And you know that there are people involved who are involved in serious human rights violations. I also have a problem with that. ”That’s not enough.

Christian Streich: Freiburg coach makes demands on the Bundesliga because of Newcastle United

The 56-year-old made a real appeal to them Bundesliga competition around the FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. “I think the Bundesliga is still attractive and we can’t go with everything that is done in other leagues. For example in England ”, Streich explained in his authentic dialect:“ I have to say that this form, as it happens in England, is no longer okay. ”

We as the Bundesliga are not allowed to go along with everything.

Christian Streich from SC Freiburg

He has nothing against investors, “if things run smoothly,” Streich continued. But at the same time he called for “without large investors in the Bundesliga to play and work for it. And if you don’t work so well, no matter what tradition you have – then you no longer play in the Bundesliga. And that’s a competition for me. I don’t see anything else as a competition ”.

To put it into perspective: In Germany, the so-called 50 + 1 rule of the German Football League (DFL) and the German Football Association (DFB) applies, according to which no more than 49 percent of the club’s shares may be sold to investors. SC Freiburg recently inaugurated its new Europa-Park Stadium (34,700 seats), which the club had built partly self-financed, partly through subsidies from the city and state of Baden-Württemberg and local sponsors. (pm)

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