Christine Asmus.

Christine Asmus.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

Christina Asmus, after her divorce from Garik Kharlamov, for a long time tried not to advertise her personal life. From time to time, the actress intrigued fans with statements that her ex-husband was very offended at her, and also published photos with famous actors, accompanying the pictures with meaningful recordings. At the same time, Kharlamov not so long ago, without further ado, took and brought out a new darling Katerina Kovalchuk. After that, the Russians demanded that Asmus finally “find the man.”

Christine Asmus announced to the fans that she had introduced her lover to her daughter Nastya from Garik Kharlamov. The artist carefully hides her man from the public, but she made some information public.

“Find yourself a man!” – more and more often “smart” people write to me on Instagram. First, why does it seem to you that having a man is a necessity for a woman? Secondly, if I do not show my personal life, it means only one thing – that I am not I show my personal life! And not that it does not exist, “the star began her monologue.

After that, she recalled how she did not show her daughter to the people. “Absolutely all my friends, my family and many of my colleagues are familiar with my man. I just do not consider it necessary to post my personal here. Remember, I didn’t show a child for five years, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t give birth. And, guys, put yourself in … the expression “find yourself a man!” All women and men you know and do not know will sort it out without you, “the blonde said, as she cut it off.

It is worth noting that Garik Kharlamov also found personal happiness. He moved in with Katerina Kovalchuk and settled next to Asmus. “Garik and the beautiful Katerina are serious. And now they also live together. After parting with his wife, Kharlamov rented a house near Asmus in order to see his daughter Nastya more often,” the artist’s acquaintances noted. He earns decently, so he can afford a lot. According to Forbes, the showman’s annual income is 181 million rubles.

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