Christmas vacation: 4 tips for relaxed holidays

Ring in the holiday with a ritual

In order to actually get other thoughts, the transition from work to leisure time must be clearly marked. “A ritual can help here: cook something nice for yourself, go for a walk or read a book. All of this can help you relax,” says Patrizia Tonin, board member of the Austrian Association for Supervision and Coaching. It is also helpful to symbolically take off work clothes. “It just takes a clear cut!”

Say stop inwardly

If stressful thoughts about work arise while on vacation, a clear demarcation is also required. “You can do this by saying a clear stop inside,” advises Tonin. “If the thoughts are really important, you can write them down, then they are not lost and at the same time are no longer in your head.”

Maintain social contacts

Despite holidays and the Christmas spirit, the subject of work should not be understood as a taboo subject. In conversations with partners, friends or other listeners, you can exchange ideas about your work. “It’s a relief and better than dealing with frustration and worries with yourself and holding back the impulses,” says the expert.

Perform mindfulness exercises

Stopping in between and paying attention to your own breathing can work wonders, according to Tonin. “Two minutes a day is enough: Breathe in and out deeply, paying attention to your breathing. You can also combine this directly with the ritual that introduces the cut between work and vacation,” says Tonin. “The vacation time should serve to relax, only in this way you can return to work really regenerated and refreshed.”

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