Europe as the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic

Christy Giles, an American model and influencer, was pronounced dead on Saturday, November 13, after her body was left in front of a hospital in The Angels, USA.

SIGHT: The collapse in the port of Los Angeles staggers the US.

The authorities are investigating the incident, but have not wanted to reveal relevant details to the media to clarify the facts.

What is known about the case

She was dumped in front of the Southern California Hospital on Saturday, where she was pronounced dead.

On Friday night she was partying with a friend, who was identified as Hilda Marcela Cabrales Arzola.

The most shocking thing is that Cabrales was also abandoned, with the same modus operandi, in another medical center in the metropolis located in California, at Kaiser Permanente, according to Giles’s mother told the American news network ‘ABC7’.

The young companion of the model did survive, but is in critical condition, needs life support and has no brain activity.

Apparently, the two were meeting a friend at a celebration, but he would have left before they headed to a second unknown location. He assured that they were with a group of men when he left the place.

According to the LAPD told local media, both were drugged and a possible heroin overdose would be the cause of Giles’ death. Of course, they asserted that the results of Christy’s toxicological test are missing.

What the family suspects

For his part, Jan Cilliers, Giles’ husband, assured that none of the young women used drugs, which is why he believes they were drugged.

He also pointed out that there is a video in the possession of the authorities showing the moment when three masked men dump the body of their partner from a black Toyota Prius without plates.

“These men did something to subdue and keep my daughter in their apartment for 10 to 12 hours,” the model’s mother told the aforementioned news network about it.

Additionally, Cilliers claims to know the identity of one of the people who lives in the apartment in which Christy was last seen.

Cilliers also claimed that his wife sent a text message to Hilda Marcela at 5:30 am on Saturday saying the word ‘Let’s go’. along with a surprised face emoji.

The response of the deceased model was: “Yes, I will call an Uber.” Then, he assured that the car that would pick them up was “10 minutes away.”

They never made it to the transport, according to the model’s mother: “The Uber also waited five more minutes (…) Neither the girls nor any of the boys from the apartment came out to greet the Uber, to board it, to ask it to wait. Any”.


The current rate of transmission of the coronavirus in Europe is “very worrying” and could cause half a million additional deaths between now and February on the continent, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Thursday. (Source: AFP)


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