One thing is one thing. Something else is something else. The reader must be thinking that I write this text from the bar table, but no. It’s from my office. Ciro Gomes has gone beyond all limits now.

It is one thing for the PDT’s pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic to want to be the voice of the third way, to hire the former PT publicist accused of corruption (who made a winning statement, don’t forget that) and to shout “Nem Lula, Nor Bolsonaro”.

But to say that the leader of next year’s election polls, Lula – therefore, his opponent – ​​conspired to implement Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment is too much. It goes beyond all limits.

“I acted against the impeachment, and it was the Federal Senate who did the coup. Who presided over the Senate? Renan Calheiros. Who led the MDB in this onslaught? Eunício Oliveira. Who is Lula with today? Today I am sure that Lula conspired for the impeachment of Dilma, I am sure”, said Ciro Gomes to Estadão. In fact, something he can’t prove.

Lula fought to the end to avoid Dilma’s impediment. But Ciro – and anyone who has followed Brasília for the past 20 years knows – is the king of conspiracy theory. It’s his. Every time he invents a new theory to try to call the spotlight on himself.

I said in this space and I repeat. Not even João Santana will be able to turn Ciro into the center option – he has an explosive temperament and a very statist vision of the economy against him.

The other day, I witnessed Lula being quite courteous with his former minister, now a rival: the PT member said he was grateful for the work done by the candidate to him and that the country will never see him speaking ill of the pre-candidate.

Cyrus is Cyrus. Lula is Lula.

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