With only one month of validity, the contract signed by the city hall has already been readjusted (Photo: Kisie Ainoã/Archive)

The price per kilogram to be paid goes from BRL 25.30 to BRL 34, one month after the contract is signed

With only one month of validity, the contract signed by the city hall has already been readjusted (Photo: Kisie Ainoã/Archive)

Despite having been recently signed, on October 15, the contract between the Campo Grande city hall and the company Santi Comércio e Distribuidora de Alimentos has already been readjusted, increasing its total value by R$ 609 thousand – in other words, it remains 34 .38% more expensive than the price initially closed, at R$ 1,771,000.

Aiming at the acquisition of 70 thousand kilos of ground beef, the muscle type, the unit price per kilogram was closed at R$ 25.30. However, with the rebalancing disclosed in Diogrande (Official Gazette of Campo Grande) this Monday (22), the total signed agreement is now R$ 2,380,000 – and R$ 34 per kilo.

The meat brand specified in the contract is Multi Beef, with different requirements, such as containing a maximum of 10% fat or tallow and 3% water, in addition to being clean, free of cartilage and other excesses, as stated on the Transparência website.

The meat purchase contract is valid until October of next year and was made based on a price record opened in a bidding notice to serve Semed (Municipal Education Department), being signed by the company representative and the head of the ministry responsible for public education, Elza Fernandes.

In a quick quote made in butchers and supermarkets in Campo Grande by the report, without specifying the brand, it was possible to verify that the amount to be paid pound by pound for 70 thousand kilograms of ground muscle is above that found in retail.

The lowest price found was at the Casa de Carne Esperança, in the Pioneiros neighborhood, where the ground muscle is sold for R$ 27.99 per kilo. In the Golden Supermarket, on Avenida Marquês de Leão, the price per kilo is R$ 30.99 this Monday – however, on weekends, the value drops to close to R$ 28.

Another place where muscle is found cheaper than the price paid by the city is the Novo Real supermarket, in the Campo Nobre neighborhood. There, a kilo of ground beef is sold for R$ 32, which may be reduced if the purchase is regular and in greater quantity.

However, at the Big Beef butcher on Avenida das Bandeiras, the same ground muscle is sold for R$ 36.98 per kilogram – this is the only place surveyed where the retail price of beef was found above the price established in the public contract.

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