Ciudad Corazón charity gala presents designers and artists

The charity gala Ciudad Corazón Merengue Fashion Week announced the designers, guest artists and official presenters of the meeting that will take place on November 13 and 14 in the Restauración room of the Gran Teatro del Cibao.

Participating in this second version are: Giannina Azar, Leonel Lirio, Adolfina, Lluberes, Eddy Rambaldy, Damaris Rubio, Rafael Rivero, Diomary La Mala with his collection of turbans and tunics, Manuel Febrillet, José Braulio from Puerto Rico, Ligia Rutinel from the United States , Holma’s Starling and emerging Bernardino Gómez, Dalkys Salcedo, Rosa Iris Amarante and Yanil Guerrero.

Among the invited artists are Rafely Rosario, Kinito Méndez, Martha Heredia, Diomary La Mala, Bonny Cepeda, Raffy Matías, Silvio Mora, Jayson Guzmán, Las Chicas Divinas, among others.

The presenters of the gala will be Luz García, Francisco Sanchís, Carlos Salgado from Telemundo Puerto Rico and the new generation Mariola Rodríguez.

The setting and decoration of the Gran Teatro del Cibao will be in charge of Víctor Erarte, with the spectacular elements of Alkifiesta and the technical team will be in charge of Míster Music Eventos.

The company Gatsby Dominicana in its 34th anniversary works in the organization of great events of beauty, music and fashion, and organizes with care and a high sense of solidarity this charity gala Ciudad Corazón Merengue Fashion Week.

Nerys Diaz, director of Gatsby Dominicana, informed that the foundations benefited for this edition will be Fundación Inmaculada Concepción, Hogar de Niños Emiliano Tardif, Together for a Reason and for the second consecutive year the Women’s Branch Against Cancer.

The show will feature the artistic production of Chiqui Hadad, who promises a unique show in the history of Santiago and the entire country.

Sponsoring companies include the Santiago Free Zone Corporation, Cibao International Airport, BanReservas, ProIndustira, JRL Inversiones, Noah Restaurant, Nash Academy, Alkifiesta, Gran Teatro del Cibao, Medrano Group, Gala Kids Store, Novissima, among others.

The event will be broadcast live on the Gatsby Dominicana YouTube channel and those interested can follow it through the official networks on FB and IG such as @ciudadmfw.

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