Claudia López calls ‘youtubers’ ‘green’ senators and asks for alternatives to the tax

In an interview with María Jimena Duzán, Claudia Lopez said he did not agree with the tax reform proposed by the National Government, but maintained that Yes, it is necessary to find a mechanism to cover the fiscal gap that the pandemic has left.

He stated that for that a collection and investment agreement must be reached that does not pass through the middle class or because of the food, and defended the need to look for alternatives to get more money.

“Right now no one thinks raising a penny is fair […], but I am not going to fall into the cheap populism of telling people that we are going to come out of nowhere without taxes ”.

Pulla by Claudia López to the senators of the Green Alliance

At that point, the mayor of Bogotá said that it is necessary to reach agreements to find the solution to the economic crisis. However, he pointed to lawmakers – even – to his fellow party members.

“The easy thing is to say ‘no, no and no’, but today we still have the same needs. That agreement, in the only place that can be given is in Congress“, He pointed.

He held that you are worried about seeing the congressmen of ‘youtubers’ or ‘influencers’, more than legislators. He spoke to them directly:

“Your task is to reach a national agreement with society on how we can collect with those who have the most right now or get into reasonable debt to lift the country out of poverty.”

Claudia López questioned if someone in the Legislature has been able to present a different proposal to tax reform. And he reiterated:

“That is their job; It is not being ‘youtubers’. Why don’t you dedicate your UTL (Legislative Work Unit) to work? You have to make a counterproposal ”.

Maria Jimena Duzán Told him: “We are talking about his own party”, but that did not matter to López.

“Yes! And they are also divided, between Senator Iván Marulanda, who proposed to make a counterproposal, and the ‘youtubers’, who say no ”.

He asked the congressmen (including the ‘greens’) to be serious and rigorous to reach an agreement that can offer an alternative to the crisis.

Here, Claudia López’s interview with María Jimena Duzán:


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