Claudia Raia poses with a thong in the Northeast and her butt stands out

Claudia Raia left fans drooling when sharing a sequence of photos in Alagoas, alongside her husband Jarbas man. At the time, the muse He squandered all his good shape at age 54, and sparked the imagination of his followers.

In the records, the couple it appears clinging to the sea in an atmosphere of romance. Without any shame, the global still put its turned butt to play, with a thong bikini.

“How good it is to be a fan of both of you, I’m too passionate”, declared one boy. “Wow, how beautiful my people,” said the second person. “I can’t stand so much beauty,” said the third.

female life

In a recent conversation with Complete Claudia Raia said that at age 54, she realizes that for many people, a woman who no longer reproduces, or is over 40 years old, is as if she didn’t exist.

“I raise the flag of ageless [“sem idade”]. Now that we are talking more about ageism, old phobia. Still, it seems like old people don’t exist. The woman, if she’s over 40, is gone. What I notice, at the height of my 54 years, is that we are more prepared in terms of health than men, we are provided with information about menstruation, then pregnancy, breastfeeding. But that reproductive part is over, you die. There is no talk about menopause. It’s a “you f***”. There are also very important issues such as femicide and domestic violence. A woman who suffers violence, for example, often doesn’t even know it’s a problem, she thinks that tomorrow her husband’s aggression will pass. We need to talk more about this subject”, she vented.

old phobia

Without a word, the mother of Enzo Celulari highlighted that he always struggled to never see himself as ‘old’. In her view, the country is way behind in this discussion.

“I thought it was disrespectful to speak of a woman like that. Is the man charming and the woman can throw it away? It is cruel. For about four or five years now, I decided to raise this flag. Brazil is very late in this discussion. Now that you’ve started to get into the subject of old phobia. For us, for a long time, it was like this: when you were 40, 50 years old, they threw you into the hole. Then I resurfaced at 80 like a cute grandma. But this woman today has the power that is called the silver economy, the whole world is talking about it. And this portion of the female population is responsible for a large share of global consumption”, reflected the artist to the vehicle.

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