Club Brugge smells qualification and will attack Leipz...


Club Brugge must turn the knob, and that just during the most important match of the year. If it beats RB Leipzig on Wednesday evening, it will (at least) be in the drum for the Europa League. A major final may then follow on the PSG field for a place in the 1/8th finals of the Champions League. “Has the pressure increased? We should not suddenly start questioning everything.”

Junior Verbeeke

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Club Brugge removes the costume from the cloakroom for the fifth time. On Wednesday evening, RB Leipzig will visit the Champions League, and that can safely be called the Match of the Year. One point against the Germans, and Club is definitely a European winter. “Whether this is the most important? I hope there are many more matches of the year to come,” said Clement. “Tomorrow we can secure a European ticket, but it is not our last chance yet. That doesn’t mean we don’t think this game is super important. Everyone is incredibly passionate about it. Nobody could have predicted this scenario three months ago.”

That’s right: despite two European defeats in a row, Club is working on a stunt campaign. But a good performance against Leipzig is also important to overcome the recent dip in form. The game has been disappointing for weeks, the results too. And then of course the fans will grumble. “Whether there is pressure on my person? I put a lot of pressure on myself. All the time. I was disappointed after Mechelen, just like the entire club. But don’t suddenly start questioning everything because we suffered our second loss in the competition. There have been too many good matches before that, including in the Champions League. “What then explains our lesser period? There are always reasons for this and people talk about it. But things that are discussed in the locker room stay there. It’s not all bad now. We just have to make sure we can win an important match every three days. We all want that.”

“Crazy things”

According to Clement, there has not been a thunderous sermon from the chairman or Vincent Mannaert after Mechelen. “Everyone talked to each other in the days after the game. That always happens in our club. If people are satisfied or dissatisfied with things, they talk about it. We wanted to rectify the disappointment of after Standard, and we didn’t succeed. Now we have to turn the knob and try to get a result against Leipzig.”

If Club beats Leipzig, it could even claim second place in Group A. Crazy thingsClement calls it. “Before the Champions League campaign, everyone expected zero points, now we have already earned four earned points. With two stunts we play a good campaign, three stunts is something really exceptional. Then we can even qualify.” “But let’s go step by step. We have two more chances, one of which is at home. I feel a great desire to seize that first chance. We have to play to win. If we only win in that match to draw, there is a good chance that we will run into the lamp. Especially against a team with that quality. If we draw it’s fantastic, and if we win we can do something crazy to do. Then we play for second place in Paris.”


Eder Balanta: “Europe is one of our goals”

Eder Balanta was also called to Jan Breydel for a press talk, but the Colombian kept it rather brief. “We know we are playing a vital match,” said Balanta. “This competition will decide our future in Europe.” He agrees that his team is not running 100 percent at the moment. “We are currently not up to the mark in the competition, but we know the quality is there. At Club Brugge we have to be one hundred percent every match, including Wednesday. We are fully committed to it. Continuing to play football in Europe is one of our goals this season. That is why we have to get a good result at home, and that is possible with the supporters behind us.”

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