Clubhouse phenomenon.  It's a live podcast and an interactive radio that you can broadcast as well

The Clubhouse social network further expands the possibilities of listening. Recordings and live broadcasts from rooms with activated recording can also be listened to via a web browser. Even without logging in. So far, this only applies to the US, but if the news is liked, the developers will release it further into the world.

Sharing is also new. It brings features that you can take for granted, but haven’t been to the Clubhouse yet. At least the creators take it with humor…

The social network Clubhouse started in the spring of 2020, but it experienced a huge boom a year later. It broadcast only voice, only on iPhones and only live without the possibility of recording. The magic of forbidden fruit and unrepeatable content drove the crowds crazy. But then Android was added, you could add to the network without an invitation, and in addition to the live broadcast, you could also listen to the recording. And interest gradually waned.

Paradox? As if restrictions were a competitive advantage and the removal of restrictions the beginning of bankruptcy. Will it be the same with listening through the web? Will Clubhouse be with us in a year?

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