CMD says Government is indifferent to virus
Representatives of the Dominican Medical College.

pandemic. Despite the wave of covid-19 that covers the country, the Dominican Medical College (CMD) affirmed yesterday that the Government has an indifferent stance to control the situation.

At a press conference, the president of the health group, Senén Caba, said that the actions of the State favor financial dynamics, but affect health centers because they are on the verge of collapse.

According to data from the union, the hospital occupancy at the Dr. Robert Reid Cabral children’s hospital is 98 percent, with 28 children hospitalized with the infectious disease.

While in the Marcelino Vélez Santana, 76 percent of the internments correspond to pregnant women.
However, the entity is not only concerned about the upward trend in the occupation of beds to provide medical care to those affected with the virus, it is also concerned about the number of health workers who have been infected with the pathology.

According to Senén Caba, the situation at the moment is of an emergency nature, since at least 800 doctors are contaminated with the viral condition, in addition to hundreds of nurses and laboratory workers.

“Here we are as if nothing was happening, crowded public transport vehicles, stadiums, squares, in short (…), what is the signal they are sending, that we all get infected”, he emphasized.

The specialist again called on the authorities to increase biosafety measures to reduce the impact of the pandemic in the Dominican Republic.

He stated that more control should be imposed, especially in aspects that have to do with mobility and the grouping of people.

The doctor ordered to strengthen the monitoring of the application for the vaccination card in centers, squares and places with a high concentration of individuals.

Likewise, he asked to increase the inoculation and sampling centers in hospitals and in the Provincial Health Directorates (DPS), and that vans be enabled in neighborhoods and cities throughout the territory.

Likewise, he urged President Luis Abinader to order, without further delay, the elimination of the resolution issued by Public Health that limits access to PCR tests.

Health reports more than five thousand cases

Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) registered 5,953 infections and zero deaths from covid-19. In the epidemiological bulletin, the institution said that the daily positivity was 38.46 percent, and that of the last four weeks at 27.99. He pointed out that the number of active cases fell to 39,986, after being at 40,948. The agency also highlighted that the occupation in the Intensive Care room stood at 29 percent.

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