CNE: Venezuela ready for regional and municipal elections


The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela, Pedro Calzadilla, ratified today that everything is ready for the holding of regional and municipal elections Sunday morning.

In a message to the country broadcast on the national radio and television network, the head of the CNE highlighted the democratic spirit of the Venezuelan people and their willingness to settle their differences at the polls, as “the only possible way to achieve peace and prosperity.”

Calzadilla highlighted the atmosphere of peace and stability existing in the country on the eve of the so-called mega-elections, for which more than 21 million citizens are summoned, with more than three thousand positions in dispute.

“The more than 70 thousand candidates presented their offer freely, without any limitations other than those established in the laws,” indicated the highest authority of the electoral body, underlining the successful development of the electoral campaign, “without acts of violence and without confrontations ”, he emphasized.

Likewise, the president of the CNE welcomed the commitment of the designated personnel to guarantee the celebration of the democratic event; “That everything is ready for these elections is not the product of chance, but of the committed work of the Electoral Power officials, (…) machinery made available to democracy,” he added.

He also reiterated the call to the people of Venezuela to exercise their right to vote and ratify confidence in the electoral authorities and in the reliability and transparency of the voting system, which will faithfully reflect the majority will, he said.

Venezuelans will go to the polls tomorrow to vote for a total of 3,882 popularly elected positions, including the country’s 23 governors and 335 mayors, in addition to the members of the regional legislative councils and municipal councils.

(With information from Prensa Latina)

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