CNJ wants process information on Marielle’s murder

		CNJ wants process information on Marielle's murder
Photo: Gil Ferreira/Agência CNJ.

The National Justice Inspector, Minister Luís Felipe Salomão, determined that the Justice of Rio de Janeiro provide information on the process involving the investigation into the murder of councilor Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes, on March 14, 2018, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro.

In the order, Salomão granted a period of five days to be informed about when those accused of the crime will be judged. “Five years after the crime, the motives for the attack and the possible perpetrators still remain undefined, nor have the appointed perpetrators been judged by the jury,” he said.

The crime completed five years this Tuesday (14), and there has still been no conclusion on the principals and motivations.

So far, investigations by the Civil Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro have pointed to retired sergeant and expelled from the Rio de Janeiro Military Police Ronnie Lessa as the author of the shots, with the collaboration of former military police officer Élcio Queiroz.

They have been pre-trial detained since 2019 and are responsible for triple-qualified double homicide (awkward motive, ambush and resource that made it difficult for the victim to defend themselves) and for the attempted murder of one of Marielle’s advisors, who was also in the vehicle and survived.


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