CODECON will perform every day of Carnival in Salvador

The Directorate of Consumer Protection and Defense Actions (CODECON), linked to the Municipal Public Order Secretariat (SEMOP), will work during the Carnival of Salvador on duty.

Working on all official circuits and also at neighborhood carnivals, from the 16th to the 21st of February, CODECON agents will be on hand to guide consumers at the Consumer Counter, which will be located at the top of the Lacerda Elevator.

Inspection takes place from the 15th throughout the city, with inspections in cabins, restaurants, snack bars and ticket offices, among other businesses close to the party regions, and one of the points of attention is accessibility in cabins.

“Our mission is to ensure that consumer rights are guaranteed, and for that we will be on the streets acting so that everyone can enjoy the party. In the cabins, for example, we observe whether there are adapted bathrooms, ramps and priority information signs”, explains the General Director of CODECON, Zilton Krüger Netto.

This year, the body works in partnership with the Public Ministry: “CODECON carries out Operation Carnival 2023 individually, but during the revelry we will do a joint action with the Public Ministry to certify that all legal norms are being complied with”, he clarified. Zilton.

During Operation Carnival 2020, of the 2,310 establishments inspected, 313 were notified and nine were fined. The Osmar circuit was the area with the most registered irregularities.

Among the reasons for the sanctions were the absence of: validity, price for products and services, Consumer Protection Code (CDC) and anti-smoking sign, in addition to expired products and inadequate hygiene.

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