Coletivo Afrobapho presents free programming in Salvador

The integrated arts collective Afrobapho will present a free program on March 18th and 19th in Salvador. The event focuses on LGBTQIAPN+ black youth, but is free for all audiences.

The presentations will take place at Capdever-Motumbaxé, in Novo Horizonte. The show is supported by the public notice Arte Todo Dia – Ano VI, by the Gregório de Mattos Foundation (FGM).

According to Alan Bispo, proponent of the project, the circuit’s main objective is to democratize access to art and culture and value local artists.

“Through the presentations, we are going to promote dialogues on social agendas and human rights, moving away from the logic of the events that are always held in the central regions of Salvador. The neighborhood of Novo Horizonte, as well as the region of Cabula/Tancredo Neves, is home to many members of Coletivo Afrobapho. We have already recorded dance videos in these places, but this is the first time that we will have the opportunity to hold such a powerful event in our own territory”

Project features

Afrobapho is a Bahian collective made up of LGBTQIA+ young black people from the outskirts of Salvador, who use integrated arts as a tool for mobilization and social awareness.

The project emerged in November 2015 as a collective action platform that produces creative narratives to talk about social issues and human rights.

Through dance, music, audiovisual productions and artistic performances, it addresses, from an anti-racist perspective, issues of aesthetics, sexuality and gender dissent, which confront society’s heteronormative standard.

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