The former president of Blanco y Negro indicated that one of his most criticized decisions in his term today is bearing the fruits they intended at the beginning of the year.

The former president of Blanco y Negro spoke out to refer to the controversial decision they made at the Monumental at the beginning of the season, to give the team new air and that today has him fighting for the title.

© UNO AgencyThe former president of Blanco y Negro indicated that one of his most criticized decisions in his term today is bearing the fruits they intended at the beginning of the year.

Despite the fact that today things are very different, in Colo Colo surely there are several who still cannot forget the gloomy National Championship 2020, where he was saved from relegation on the last date after defeating University of Concepcion 1-0 in the Talca Fiscal Stadium with a goal from Pablo Solari.

But all that is already part of the past and currently in the Cacique all energies are put into fighting to snatch the historic four-time championship from Catholic University, and thus lower the star 33 after much suffering.

And it is that the level of the team Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image It has been radically different from last season, and they have fought much of the tournament at the top of the table. But to get there they had to undergo many changes, and one of those was the departure of several leaders from the campus, a decision with which Hannibal Meuse was filled with criticism at the time.

The white fans exploded when they saw that the legendary Esteban Paredes started from Macul along with other emblems such as Julio Barroso, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Matias Fernandez, Jorge Valdivia, Carlos Carmona, and shot the former president of Black and white.

However, reality indicates that after the controversial episode the Eternal champion returned to season 2021 with the more than clear mentality that the task was to be champions, and today they are close to achieving it. So the former helmsman of the popular cadre did not hesitate to win the team’s great moment and in dialogue with Al Aire Libre en Cooperativa, he indicated that time finally proved the board right.

The key was to rejuvenate the dressing room. I received a lot of criticism, but time has proved us right. He gave space to the youth and other players that we brought, (Emiliano) Amor, Maxi Falcón, (Leonardo) Gil. A pretty good balance was struck. Before, the average age was more than 30 years old and now I don’t think it is over 25, the good fruits of work are being produced and that keeps us calm. “

But that was not all, since the businessman also had words to refer to the fight for the crown with the Crusaders, where he highlighted that Quinteros He has the best team in the country and he wants that to be demonstrated by obtaining the title.

“We set up this campus when I was president, Harold Mayne-Nicholls he was vice president and Marcelo Espina placeholder image he was a sports manager. One always believes that one’s team is the best, but given the figures and collective and individual performances, I believe that we have the best team in the country and we hope to corroborate it in the two remaining dates, to finish the championship and hopefully by lifting the cup. ”, He detailed.

To end, Mosa He referred to the continuity of Pablo Solari on Macul and revealed that Colo Colo will make use of the purchase option that Talleres de Córdoba established in writing.

“There is a contract that will be effective in mid-December and there is not much to talk about, it is an established purchase option that was made when I was president. The important thing is that he wants to continue and wants to finish this maturation process in Colo Colo. It has more conditions and we want to have it for several more years ”, he concluded.

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