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Colo Colo

Albos fans shouted the name of the Bolivian nationalized Argentine strategist at the top of their lungs in the victory over Everton.

Colo Colo

The white fans organized a Monumental party (Photo: AgenciaUno)

Colo Colo He had a terrible time in 2020, that is why in Blanco y Negro they removed Gualberto Jara from his role as interim coach, with dire results, and put Gustavo Quinteros as DT, with the mission of saving the team from relegation.

The former coach of Universidad Católica achieved the goal, with a lot of effort because he reached it in the game for the permanence against Universidad de Concepción. After that, he ordered the team and put together an almost complete squad, without the experienced ones, which paid off.

Quinteros did what seemed very complicated, which is to make a club that fought relegation competitive. He has already won the 2021 Chile Cup and now has Colo Colo at the top of the National Championship, a situation that the Albos fans thank him for.

The Cacique beat Everton 2-0 at the Monumental stadium and in the final minutes the fans paid tribute to the former central defender: “Quinteros, Quinteros, Quinteros” sounded loud in all sectors of the Macul redoubt, a situation that not seen for years.

The followers of Colo Colo are not very given to cheering the strategists, in fact the last to receive similar encouragement was Héctor Tapia in the 2014 campaign. More than once a “olé, olé, olé, olé, Tito, Titus “.

Later, they were champions José Luis Sierra and also Pablo Guede, who did not manage to have that connection with the fans.

The fans, albos, also know that Gustavo Quinteros is in the sights of the Chilean team and other clubs, therefore they make him feel their affection so that he does not move from Colo Colo.

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