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For the Peruvian striker from Colo Colo, Gabriel Costa, the Cacique was superior in all facets with respect to Universidad de Chile at the beginning of the Summer Tournament.

Gabriel Costa scored from a penalty against Universidad de Chile.
© Colo ColoGabriel Costa scored from a penalty against Universidad de Chile.

Colo Colo defeated University of Chile at the beginning of the Summer Tournament in Argentina. The Cacique weighed the oil of his team against a Romantic Traveler who is building practically from scratch and imposed terms 2-1 with goals from Gabriel Costa criminal and Maximilian Falcon head The discount was the work of Darío Osorio after a great run in a counterattack in the second half.

And, for the transmission, Gabriel Costa was the figure, who analyzed with ESPN after the commitment that “the game was intertwined to the last, we were superior in the 95 minutes. It is clear that there was a winner, but those last minutes were intermingled with that goal. But nothing changed, we did what we had to do, maintain the game proposal”.

Likewise, the Peruvian added that “we are just datingIt’s the fourth or fifth day of preseason, we weren’t going to play much football. But we won the classic and it’s important to fill the group with confidence”.

Colo Colo now he will play a friendly behind closed doors in La Plata against Students with the footballers who did not add so many minutes against the You de Chile. The rest will return to Pilar to the concentration to play with Boca Juniors this Monday on the second date of the summer tournament.

For its part, University of Chile will return to Santiago to continue training at the CDA and will return to La Plata to collide with Bocto next Thursday 20.

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