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The commentator and idol of the University of Chile, Johnny Herrera, said that Colo Colo did the right thing by lowering the curtain on Marcelo Moreno Martins as reinforcement for the next year.

For Johnny Herrera, it is perfect that Colo Colo "be respected" against Marcelo Moreno Martins.
© TNT Sports / Getty ImagesFor Johnny Herrera, it is perfect that Colo Colo “be respected” against Marcelo Moreno Martins.

Colo Colo had ready at the time Marcelo Moreno Martins, expressly requested by Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image as reinforcement. However, at the last minute and with everything ready, the Bolivian said that the change of coach in Cruzeiro gave him more options and he decided to stay in the club of his life to help him avoid relegation to the third category in Brazil. All this motivated the Cacique to make an emergency move and, finally, he signed Christian Santos, which has not had regularity for now.

However, and given that the technician albo knows him, during the present day the information emerged that there is an interest in reactivating the negotiation. But it all ended abruptly after the board meeting of Blanco y Negro, where the president of Colo Colo, Edmundo Valladares, he lowered the curtain of blow to the scorer of the South American Qualifiers towards the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

“I completely rule it out. For no reason. We have not spoken again. We do not hide, we want to be direct and transparent. It was a blow. We had everything approved, the intention that it came. It did not happen. The players who want to come to Colo Colo must be convinced and they already told us at the time that they were not coming. We have not insisted on that issue, “Valladares said at a press point.

And this attitude was celebrated by Johnny herrera in We Are All TNT Sports Technicians. “It is good that Valladares stands firm against that kind of thing. When the clubs don’t care, the players begin to ignore the institutions ”, said the Samurai.

Finally, the idol of the U of Chile stressed that“It’s not just any club, it’s Colo Colo. Enough of them passing it wherever they want. From what I remember, Moreno Martins had an agreement on all sides and at the last minute they told the representative that they did not want to come for A, B or C reason. When there is no one, you just have to close the door ”.

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