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The president of Colo Colo, Edmundo Valladares, said that “it was a blow” when the Bolivian striker told them that they were not at the right time at the last minute and that the players who want to reach the Cacique, “must be convinced.”

In Colo Colo they don't want to know anything about Marcelo Moreno Martins.
© Getty ImagesIn Colo Colo they don’t want to know anything about Marcelo Moreno Martins.

Known is that Colo Colo was about to count on the goals of Marcelo Moreno Martins. The striker of the Bolivian national team and Cruzeiro had reached a total agreement, publicly celebrated by the Cacique in the absence of the signature, but at the last minute he repented, arguing that the change of technician in Raposa motivated him to fight not to fall to the third category with the club of his loves and everything collapsed.

Time has passed and a new reinforcement market is coming. And given the little activity it has had Christian Santos, Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image look at names to reinforce the lead. Obviously, and being an old acquaintance of his from the altiplano team, the name of Moreno Martins was going to orbit again. But it did not happen of some intention.

So at least the president of Colo Colo, Edmundo Valladares, after the board meeting of Blanco y Negro where renovations were discussed and the situation of several footballers was clarified. “I completely rule it out. For no reason. We have not spoken again. We do not hide, we want to be direct and transparent. It was a blow. We had everything approved, the intention that it came. It did not happen. The players who want to come to Colo Colo must be convinced and they already told us at the time that they were not coming. We have not insisted on that issue ”, fired the head honcho.

Likewise, it ruled that “no interest has approached. Colo Colo deserves respect and it is an issue that was considered overcome ”.

Colo Colo is classified to the group stage of the Liberators cup and wait for the definition of National Championship, where the crown fights with Catholic University in the last two dates.

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