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The president of Colo Colo, Edmundo Valladares, said that there were important contacts with Leonardo Gil and his representative given that Al Ittihad of Saudi Arabia wants two million dollars for his letter. The journalist also said that the Colorado wants to continue in the Monumental and that they trust an agreement. He also recalled that with Pablo Solari everything is OK and they will make the purchase option effective, the same case as Emiliano Amor.

Pablo Solari, Leonardo Gil and Emiliano Amor are scheduled for Colo Colo 2022.
© Agency OnePablo Solari, Leonardo Gil and Emiliano Amor are scheduled for Colo Colo 2022.

Colo Colo today lived an extensive board meeting to discuss, among other topics, the renewals of the players who end their contract and who Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image He wants yes or yes in his squad for 2022, plus the qualification for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores has already been completed. Three of them are undisputed headlines: Emiliano Love, Pablo Solari and Leonardo GilThe latter being the most complicated given that it belongs to the Al Ittihad of Saudi Arabia that asks for two million dollars for his letter once his loan is finished.

And after the conclave, the president of Colo Colo, Edmundo Valladares, was optimistic. “It was a fairly extensive meeting, various topics are discussed, management, football. It helped us to continue advancing, we are cautious, the focus is on the final stretch of the tournament. We want to finish the highest and when we have news, we will announce them. For now, we continue to advance and confirm that we are going to seek to renew the players that the sports management and the coaching staff requested from the board and that have the approval of the table ”, he declared.

“The Solari and Love thing was already approved. We have worked and will continue working on the details that the coaching staff and Daniel Morón requested. But we are progressing well, at a steady pace. Once the main objective has been achieved, we hope to announce the renewal of all the players we need and who must face the Colo Colo sports project accordingly ”, complement.

Likewise, he said of Colo Gil that “I don’t see it as a complication. There are market conditions that are complex, markets where much higher figures are traded. But we are working, we have approached positions and we hope to make it happen. More than seeing it as a problem, you have to work, face it, and come to fruition. We receive the institution in a delicate situation, the generation of resources in a task to be done, but we have all the faith that we can come to fruition. Leo told us that he wants to stay in Colo Colo and we want him in the future project of Colo Colo ”.

“We are available to talk with your representative and with that of all the players. I do not see it as a setback, on the contrary, we have brought positions closer, we are talking about very high amounts, which cannot be paid in Chile. Let’s not forget that there were losses last year, we must be cautious, but the intention of both parties is to continue and I hope to announce it in due course. Now we focus on the illusion we have for the end of the tournament. We believe that we can offer an interesting and super important figure. The most important thing is Leo’s sporting intention, what his representative has told us at every minute. We have all the confidence that it will continue with us. We must be cautious, we are focused. The announcements must be made when we can specify them. When we have results, we will announce it as we have done since we presided over Blanco y Negro, ”Valladares added.

Finally, the president of Colo Colo stressed that “We are going to see it calmly. There are dates, there are agreements, there are things that are stipulated. We are going to try to finish this final stretch in the best way. If we can close everything sooner, better. But we wait for the announcements for once we have, I hope, Colo Colo at the top. We feel you deserve it. We all have the same illusion ”.

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