National Championship

Emiliano Amor improvised a scorpion tail for Colo Colo and Dylan Zúñiga sent it to the back of his own net when trying to get it out of line. Everything was left to nothing due to a prior offside.

Colo Colo

Emiliano Amor and a gem that almost ended in a great goal for Colo Colo against Everton. (Photo: UNO Agency)

Colo Colo receives Everton for the 21st date of the 2021 National Championship in the Monumental stadium. The Cacique’s mission is to achieve a victory that allows him to maintain the advantage as the absolute leader in the tournament table.

With a goalless draw at halftime, the experience in the 41 minutes was crazy: Colo Colo almost scored a scorpion goal, or scorpion. As you like.

The center of Iván Morales came from the left and Emiliano Amor connected headlong finding Franco Torgnascioli’s half covered. On the rebound, the ball was left to Love again, but passed in height. The colocolino invented the heel strike from behind and the ball went slowly but surely towards the net.

In fact, the ball runner Dylan Zúñiga had to appear on the line in an attempt to deflect the trajectory of the ball, but with his header he sent the ball into the net as an own goal.

But Colo Colo’s near scorpion goal and Everton’s own goal came to nothing, because at the time of receiving the first ball, Amor was out of play and the referee Benjamin Saravia annulled the coquista.


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