Women’s National Championship

Carlos Véliz’s team prevails in the first leg of the Women’s Championship played in Macul with goals from Yessenia López and Bárbara Sánchez. The blues celebrated in a redoubt where 10 thousand people arrived.

Bárbara Sánchez celebrates the second goal of the University of Chile on Colo Colo at the Monumental.

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© Agency OneBárbara Sánchez celebrates the second goal of the University of Chile on Colo Colo at the Monumental.

Definitions began in the Women’s Championship, where the most striking match of the day was the Super classic Come in Colo Colo and University of Chile, in the Monumental stadium.

Before about 10 thousand people who came to Macul, the blues took the first step to settle in the final, after beat the albas 2-0 in the first leg of the key.

It was at 8 minutes when the scoring was opened, with a goal from Yessenia López, who with a crossed shot left the goalkeeper colocolina with nothing to do, giving the first joy to the U in the Monumental.

Although afterwards the albas were the ones that controlled the ball, the attacks of the University of Chile were always more dangerous, trying to find the second goal that would give them peace of mind in the Superclásico.

This would arrive in the 70th minute after the center of Argentina’s Yael Oviedo, where he appears Barbara Sanchez from the far post to score the second conquest at the Monumental with a head and unleashing joy in the Blues.

The Venezuelan player celebrated it with everything, because in full celebration he put his hands to his ears in addition to being hugged by all her teammates, who began to jump for joy on the scoreboard.

The rematch of this match will be played, for now, at the Centro Deportivo Azul, in search of the very final, where in the other key Santiago Morning took advantage by beating Palestino 3-1 in the first leg.

The goals

The Preview

This Monday the semifinal keys of the First Division Women’s National Championship. Within the framework of the outward duel, Colo Colo will receive in the Monumental State the University of Chile, in a new version of the Chilean soccer Superclásico.

The semifinal round of the highest category of women’s football began with everything this Saturday, Santiago Morning once again demonstrated his favoritism by defeating Palestino 3-1 in the first leg, played at the Municipal Stadium of La Cisterna.

Regarding the second semifinal of the women’s tournament, the albas come to this meeting after having left UC on the road with a resounding global score of 9-0, showing all his credentials for this crucial match that grants a place to the final of the Chilean tournament.

The U for its part, defeated Universidad de Concepción in the quarterfinal round by a score of 7-0, thus achieving their passage to the semifinal of the tournament. For this meeting, the university students are expected to have the return of Carla guerrero, the defender and figure of La Roja returned to training and is already emerging as a starter against the albas.

Day and time: When does Colo Colo vs Universidad de Chile play the first leg semifinal?

Colo Colo vs Universidad de Chile will play the day Monday, October 11 at 12:00.

Television: Who broadcasts live on TV to Colo Colo vs University of Chile?

The match between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile will be broadcast by DirecTV Sports, in the following channels:

DirecTV Sports: 610 (SD) – 1610 (HD)
DirecTV Sports: 611 (SD)
DirecTV Sports 2: 612 (SD) – 1612 (HD)
DirecTV Sports +: 613 (SD) – 1613 (HD)

ONLINE: Where to watch Colo Colo vs Universidad de Chile live by streaming?

The game can be seen by streaming live through DirecTV GO.

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