The uncertainty experienced by women in Afghanistan with the Taliban presence

Aleja Torres, webcam model and content creator, who raised a controversy after walking in her underwear and tied with chains in the Provenza sector, in Medellín, Colombia, He spoke out before the criticism he has received in recent days.

The model spoke in an interview with ‘W Radio’, and explained that “I was not doing any kind of exhibitionism in legal terms”.

SIGHT: Indignation in Colombia for a woman walking in her underwear and chained in the middle of the street of Medellín

She commented that people who yelled at her in the street, relating the fact to sex tourism, since she was accompanied by her boyfriend, a Dutch citizen named Patrick. He explained that they had “hinted that she was prepaid and saying that he (her boyfriend) was a possible sex tourist”.

Torres He also stated: “He is currently in a matter of processing with immigration […] He was doing me a favor because the one who finally works with the content is me, so I don’t see the issue of machismo ”.

Even the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero Calle, asked Migración Colombia to expel that tourist and influencer from the country for “damage the image of Medellin and mistreat the women of the city”.

She assured that the problem was generated after the reaction of three people who, according to her, verbally attacked them while she was walking with her partner and a third person took photographs of them.

The model also clarified that it was a staging that had been her own idea, whose objective was purely advertising, in order to gain more traffic on her networks.

On the subject, Torres added: “We are in a month in which everyone comes out in disguise, where clearly in a couple of weeks many women will be wearing the same clothes as me […] They are crossing it out badly because of the way I was dressed, which I do not consider bad because at no time my genitals were seen, I was completely covered, I was very well dressed”.

Regarding the accusations he has received in networks, relating the act as an allusion to the sex work, said: “I am not really promoting any type of prostitution, I am not a minor, they were not forcing me”.

And she added: “I consider that, personally, my value, my respect and my dignity are not given to me by other women.”

Torres also mentioned that she had been fined for the “show” last Friday night, the day the events occurred.

Finally, he assured that he would not come back to devise a ‘performance’ on public roads and that he did not imagine the reaction of others, since his objective was work.



With the arrival of the Taliban regime to power, uncertainty and lack of control continues to grow throughout Afghanistan, especially among the women of that country as they fear losing the rights they have acquired in recent years.


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