Joshua Seixas


Mina scored the goal that would give the Colombians victory, but the judge annulled it after consulting the VAR




Colombia and Ecuador drew 0-0 this Thursday (14), for the World Cup qualifiers, in Barranquilla, in a duel that was exciting at the end. The match reached the 60th minute of the second half — 15 of injury time — by a controversial move.

Ecuador tried to hold the draw away from home when Colombia went up in what would be the last minute of the game. After complaining a lot about a possible penalty, Cuadrado took a side kick into the area, the ball came alive and Mina, ex-Palmeiras, pushed into the net. Colombians celebrate a lot in Barranquilla, but the referee awaited confirmation from the VAR.

After almost ten minutes, the referee was called to the monitor to analyze a hand touch by the Colombian defender in the play. After checking the bid, the goal was disallowed, when the clock reached 60 minutes of the final stage. The duel ended in sequence.

Before all the emotion, Colombia and Ecuador were playing a truncated game, with many fouls. Colombia produced more, but ran into an Ecuador that seemed to be more and more content with the result away from home.

With the tie, Colombia and Ecuador, who are having good campaigns, continue in the classification zone for the World Cup. The Ecuadorian team is in third place, with 17 points in 12 games. The Colombian team occupies the fourth place, with 16 points, also in 12 games.

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