This Tuesday there was an emotional moment in the concentration hotel of the Colombian National Team in Barranquilla. The players of the national team went to the penultimate training session prior to Thursday’s game against Ecuador, But first they spent a few minutes interacting with a fan who deserved all the attention in the world.

Is about a disabled young man who waited in his wheelchair, together with his mother, for the footballers to leave, so that they could sign the National Team shirt he was wearing and take pictures with him. None of the members of the ‘tricolor’ wanted to miss that special moment with the young man and several of them lined up to wait their turn to receive the marker and leave their signature stamped on the boy’s chest.

After all the players interacted with the young man, the mother told details of his story on the Win Sports program ‘Long Serve’. The lady confirmed that she and the young man traveled for 4 days, from Yumbo (Valle del Cauca), to meet the members of the National Team.

The woman gave an important piece of information: Reinaldo Rueda was the one who made it possible for the disabled young man to have his dream come true. The coach of the national team learned about the minor’s health condition and did everything possible so that he and his companion had the privilege of meeting the team members personally.

“The child’s neurologist is known to Professor Reinaldo, the family is a neighbor, so we talked to who else could. Thank God Professor Reinaldo attended us and gave us the opportunity to meet all the players, ”the woman told the sports channel.

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The young man was too happy and confirmed it with a huge smile that appeared on his face after he shared those dreamed minutes with the members of the National Team.

The images shared by Win Sports moved thousands of users on social networks. This is the video of the moment in which the players interacted with the disabled minor:

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