Faced with the wave of violence that is taking place again in the country, the Archbishop of Cali, Monsignor Darío de Jesús Monsalve, raised the need for the National Government to carry out another peace process.

“Colombia needs a new peace process that includes all the armed sectors, but differentially, but the country cannot continue in the hands of the armed sectors,” said Monsignor Monsalve.

Likewise, Monsalve warned that the State is not protecting the lives of Colombians. “The State would have to be the protector of human life, it is not. It takes paths of repression, paths of not assuming a problem, but exposing it, wearing down the protests, diluting those unhappy forces, we have to respond, let’s talk, “he said.

In addition, the Archbishop of Cali lamented the death of children during bombings of guerrilla camps by the Military Forces.

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