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In the last hours a video of a security camera was known, in which he is seen walking through the streets of the Gaira sector, Santa Marta (Colombia), the young people who minutes later would be violently run over by a truck.

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The group of friends left a party heading to their homes. They are seen very together and happy talking. One of the women, who is believed to be Rafaela, the oldest of 30 years, manipulated the cell phone a little behind the others.

In the advance of their steps they lost the focus of the cameras. Later the tragedy happened.

This evidence denies versions in which it would be indicated that several of the people hit were carrying bottles of liquor in their hands.

According to a witness who witnessed the accident, the friends were walking close to the railing in the middle of the dual carriageway and there they were hit by the vehicle that Enrique Vives Caballero was driving.

The subsequent scenes were heartbreaking: “Very sad to see children, adolescents and young people as they were. How sad, “said the driver of a truck, who said that when he saw people fly away” I thought they were cardboard. “

For today in the morning, the funerals of five of those who died in this event are planned, which has generated commotion throughout the country.

This is how the businessman’s hearings go

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon of last Tuesday, the appeal hearing of the legalization of the capture of Enrique Vives Caballero, the businessman accused of running over seven young people in Santa Marta, began.

The driver’s defense attorney presented his arguments to justify that Enrique Vives’ arrest was illegal.

Prior to the hearing, the driver’s lawyer had stated that the former candidate for the City Council was not in physical or mental condition to go before a judge.

In turn, the representative of the Romero Troncoso family, Rodrigo Martínez, indicated that they had requested the accompaniment of the Attorney General’s Office to guarantee maximum transparency in this case.

“We cannot speak of a simple wrongful death. Here were six young lives that were lost not only by driving in a state of excitement, but also at excessive speed, which deserves an exemplary condemnation, so that a similar event is never repeated, “said the victims’ lawyer.

For today, Wednesday, the hearing for the imputation of charges and an assurance measure against Enrique Vives Caballero is scheduled.

The Municipal Criminal Judge of Santa Marta, Olmis Cotes, although she accepted the appeal of the driver’s lawyer and referred it to a higher instance, the judicial process will not be interrupted and will continue its course.

After completing the hearing, the lawyer Ricardo Robles, defender of the minor survivor of the tragedy, said that the result of the diligence is favorable, taking into account that he did not allow the next judicial instance to be delayed.

“The process will not be suspended at any time, that is to say that this Wednesday we will proceed with the imputation of the charge,” explained the defense of one of the victims.


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