The social movement Defendamos la Paz, which groups together intellectuals, former signatories of the peace agreement, artists and Colombian congressmen, requested this Tuesday through an open letter to the illegal armed groups a ceasefire and hostilities in the face of the legislative elections. and presidential to be held in 2022.


Indepaz reports 116 social leaders murdered in Colombia in 2021

In their letter, the more than 200 signatory personalities and 16 social organizations agreed that “the unilateral ceasefire and hostilities must be accompanied by an immediate end to confinements, restrictions on mobility, forced displacements and limitations on access to property. and services of the civilian population, as well as any violation of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights ”.

“Contrary to what happened in 2018, when Colombia registered the quietest elections in the last 50 years -product of the Peace Agreement-, today we are facing a real setback in terms of electoral security, with suspension of the peace talks, and escalation of hostilities, hand in hand with conflicts for control of territories ”, the document indicates.

The Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) details that during the first semester of 2021, 247 acts of violence against political, social and community leaders were registered throughout the national territory; Of these events, 54 percent occurred in the territories of the special peace districts.

For its part, the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation (Pares) revealed last week that electoral violence in Colombia has claimed at least 36 victims since March 13 to date, which translates into a violent episode every four days since the beginning. of the electoral calendar.

Defend Peace also suggested that the ceasefire be as far-reaching as possible in order to save lives, save suffering and enable citizens to participate freely and democratically in the upcoming elections. In this regard, he asked the national government and the Public Force to respect these truces under any circumstances.

In addition, they asked to respect the political participation of the communities and victims of the armed conflict, within the framework of the election of representatives to the Chamber for the special constituencies for victims, with 16 seats at stake.

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